[cmucl-imp] A new snapshot

Raymond Toy toy.raymond at gmail.com
Fri Mar 8 05:22:42 UTC 2013

Due to a mistake I introduced in the 2013-02 snapshot that persists in the
2013-03 snapshot, that I just released, I'm taking the unusual step of
generating a new 2013-03-a snapshot.

The error is in the new function do-unary-byte-bash that is used in replace
and other places.  The problem is that replace doesn't do what it's
supposed to do.  This breaks lots of things, so rather than wait until
April, I've decided to do another snapshot.

The tag is snapshot-2013-03-a and is based on the current git code which
has the fix and an update to unicode 6.2.

Sorry about that.


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