[cmucl-imp] ASDF 2.32 released

Raymond Toy toy.raymond at gmail.com
Wed Mar 6 03:51:40 UTC 2013

On Tue, Mar 5, 2013 at 5:27 PM, Faré <fahree at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear CMUCL hackers,
> ASDF 2.32 was released in time for inclusion in the upcoming CCL 1.9.

Bummer.  You just missed the 2013-03 snapshot.  But I've updated cmucl's
version to 2.32 (or later!) and it will be available in the next snapshot.

BTW, I ran the asdf testsuite and all tests pass, of course.


> Once again, we invite all implementation vendors and distributors
> to upgrade the version of ASDF included in their releases.
> Yes, I know, that's a lot of releases in a bit more than a month.
> But it was also a lot of development, and a lot of adjustment to reality
> after that development was first released.
> We will keep fixing bugs and improve ASDF based on
> our growing internal test suite and results from Anton Vodonosov's
> cl-test-grid.
> This is still a pre-release for ASDF3. Here are the changes,
> since previous release 2.31, and since previous public announcement for
> 2.30.
> From 2.31 to 2.32:
>   * deferred-warning checks are now disabled by default,
>     to enhance backward compatibility with ASDF 2.26 and earlier.
>     In the future, we will enable them by default,
>     but not until we implement a smoother transition plan.
>     Also, CCL-specific fixes to deferred-warning support.
>   * UIOP is the new official name for ASDF-DRIVER.
>     "Utilities for Implementation- and OS- Portability".
>     Old names remain as package and system nicknames:
>   * require-system so systems may depend on implementation-provided
> modules.
>   * auto-upgrade attempt in operate *before* the implicit find-system.
>   * class specification for components can now be a string to be read
> as a symbol.
>   * feature conditional dependencies are now debugged and tested:
>         :depends-on ("some-system" (:feature :foo "other-system))
>     we only recommend them for dependencies between systems;
>     within systems, we recommend you use feature-conditional components
> with
>         :if-feature :foo
>     and we only provide limited support for the deprecated legacy way of
> using
>     feature-conditionals with a module having :if-component-dep-fails
> :ignore
>     while its components specify things like:
>         :in-order-to ((compile-op (feature :foo)))
>   * read-from-file for :version specification is made more useful by using
>     the ASDF-USER package rather than CL (into which interning is
> forbidden)
>     to read the files.
> Changes from 2.30 to 2.31:
>   * *default-encoding* is now UTF-8. As tested with cl-test-grid,
>     This is a boon for most programs,
>     that will compile in a more predictable way in a wider range of
> settings.
>     A handful of unmaintained outliers still need to be fixed.
>   * Downgrade is now explicitly avoided. ASDF will issue a warning
>     if your system is misconfigured in a way that specifies downgrade,
>     but will then ignore the specified ASDF downgrade.
>   * version specifications, when invalid, will lead only to a warning for
> now;
>     a future ASDF3 may restore the behavior of ASDF 2.27,
>     that raises an errors when there is a bad :version specification,
>     but for now, backward compatibility prevails.
>   * ECL support received several bug fixes.
>   * precompiled-system support was notably fixed, enabling single-fasl
>     deployment of SBCL contribs.
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