[cmucl-imp] Upgrade issues

Raymond Toy toy.raymond at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 00:04:45 UTC 2013

>>>>> "Fare" == Far  <Far> writes:

    Fare> My package surgery looks like it works, but it looks like CMUCL refuses
    Fare> to invalidate old CLOS methods when I fmakunbound an object, and/or
    Fare> refuses to invalidate them in some caches. Therefore, the old methods
    Fare> keep getting called and the upgrade fails in weird ways.
    Fare> Trying to unintern the symbols for individual offending functions
    Fare> doesn't work either; I don't remember the symptoms.

What is the recipe for a hot-upgrade?

    Fare> If you're interested in fixing this kind of issues, I can try to come up
    Fare> with reduced examples.

I'm interested, but I hate looking at pcl. :-(

    Fare> Anyway, please test the latest ASDF with CMUCL,
    Fare> I think it's ripe for release, except for those upgrade woes.
    Fare> I'd like your feedback considering the massive amount of hacking
    Fare> that happened.

I ran the testsuite again.  All 43 tests pass.  There are 3 notes
compiling asdf, one of which can probably by fixed by not assigning to
ensure-directory in resolve-location. (Based on the compiler note; I
didn't look to see if this is a real issue or not.)

I get a message from file3-only about one sequence being a different
length from another.  There are more messages there about two things
yielding the same path.

ASDF-ENCODINGS test was skipped.

asdf.texinfo has a couple of warnings about a misplaced { and } on
line 269.

So, on whole, it seems asdf is working fine.


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