[cmucl-imp] Upgrade issues

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Mon Jan 21 19:38:42 UTC 2013

CMUCL is one of the three implementations, together with ABCL and CLISP,
where I ultimately punted on ASDF hot-upgrade, by just trying to
rename away the ASDF package if it's too old.

My package surgery looks like it works, but it looks like CMUCL refuses
to invalidate old CLOS methods when I fmakunbound an object, and/or
refuses to invalidate them in some caches. Therefore, the old methods
keep getting called and the upgrade fails in weird ways.
Trying to unintern the symbols for individual offending functions
doesn't work either; I don't remember the symptoms.

It's too late to fix the old ASDF so it is easier to upgrade,
but maybe there are declarations I can put in the current ASDF
to prevent some of these "optimizations" to be in place?

If you're interested in fixing this kind of issues, I can try to come up
with reduced examples.

Anyway, please test the latest ASDF with CMUCL,
I think it's ripe for release, except for those upgrade woes.
I'd like your feedback considering the massive amount of hacking
that happened.

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