[cmucl-help] Need help getting into hemlock

GP lisper fph at clouddancer.com
Sat Jan 13 11:22:00 UTC 2018

> >>>>> "Blake" == Blake McBride <blake1024 at gmail.com> writes:
>     >>
>     >> Hmm. I think this is going to be messy.  On one machine
>     >> (Ubuntu), I have -bitstream-courier 10 pitch-medium-i-normal-*,
>     >> but no -*-courier-*, but a different machine (Fedora), I have
>     >> -adobe-courier-*.
>     >>
>     >> The ubuntu machine has "-*-fixed-medium-r-normal-*". I'll have
>     >> to check my Fedora machine for that.
>     Blake> Still, how can I change it on my machine?

You alias a font.  aka 'google is your friend'

a simple search on 'X fontalias' brings up


  (the first section is useful, but most of the remainder are other


Courier is just an ancient fixed-width font, any other legible
fixed-width font should be acceptable.

Your distro has a forum where this question will have come up before now.


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