[cmucl-imp] [Didier Verna] multiple string reads/writes of SB-IMPL::BAKQ-COMMA

Didier Verna didier at lrde.epita.fr
Fri Oct 11 08:27:43 UTC 2013


on second thought, I'm forwarding this to sbcl-devel because I think
this might be a bug. The same scenario works fine with CCL. CMUCL gives
a note and a warning but still works:

CL-USER> (test 'a 'b)
; In: TEST 'A

;   (TEST 'A 'B)
; ==>
;   (LET (#)
;     (SETQ #:G0 #)
;     #:G0)
; Note: Variable LISP::BACKQ-COMMA defined but never used.
; ; 

; Warning: These variables are undefined:
;   #:G0 OBJ
; (A B)

The macroepansion is however similar to that of SBCL:

CL-USER> (macroexpand '(test 'a 'b))
  (SETQ #:G4368 (LIST 'A 'B))

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