[cmucl-imp] Snapshot 2013-09

Raymond Toy toy.raymond at gmail.com
Sat Sep 7 20:31:31 UTC 2013

The Sep snapshot has been tagged and binaries will be uploaded soon.

The key changes are:

o DISASSEMBLE is now ANSI compliant; no other arguments are allowed.  Use
  DISAASSEM:DISASSEMBLE if you need more options.
o The disassembler now defaults to printing disassembly in base 16
  (without radix marker) and in lower case.  If you want other
o New keyword args for DISASSME:DISASSEMBLE: base, case, radix to
  specify the base, print case, and radix.  The defaults are 16,
  :downcase, and NIL, respectively.
o Some optimizations in the x86 backend to speed up some operations
  and reduce register restrictions.


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