[cmucl-imp] Please kill those notes

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Tue Jan 29 03:53:27 UTC 2013

Note that the compilation notes are due to code added by
macroexpansion not being reachable because it is in non-taken branched
and/or because I (return-from ...) before it can be reached. That's
clearly a bug in the compiler and/or its support macros, though not
the worst one. I believe SBCL used to have the same bug long ago, but
I don't remember how they solved it.

In other news, after my latest upgrade cleanup, CMUCL can once again
hot-upgrade ASDF.
But whereas it used to be able to upgrade from 2.015 and later,
now it can only upgrade from 2.018 and later. I have no idea why.

You can try the following and see some weird thing happen in the guts of PCL,
either in perform or some function it calls (maybe output-files):
./test/run-tests.sh -u cmucl

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