[cmucl-imp] DIRECTORY and symlinks

Helmut Eller heller at common-lisp.net
Sun Dec 2 00:56:21 UTC 2012

>>> It's important that something ELSE can be used to traverse
>>> directories, and becomes a new de facto standard.
>> Well, the standard is the de facto standard.
> It is also immutable and only covering a tiny subset of interesting
> APIs.

I'm not asking for a new API.

> Instead of trying to change it then convince 15 implementations to
> change and piss off their user base used to the current situation,
> what about developing a new API that makes sense from day one and
> doesn't require backwards incompatibility or fighting with stubborn
> maintainers?

Well, it's only one implementation and Ray tends to be the opposite of

>> I want to list the files in my home directory.  That's about the most
>> mundane task DIRECTORY should be able to do.  If it can't be used for
>> that then it would be truly useless to have it in the standard.
> It is useless indeed. Welcome to the realization that not all of the
> CL standard is useful.
> The question is how to fix it. You're saying: "let's fight the system
> for a tiny gain",
> I'm saying "let's build something else that has a consistent API
> without having to fight anyone".

As you say: I'm not interested in your API.


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