[cmucl-imp] CMUCL bug when compiling defclass

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 20:40:13 UTC 2012

While trying to upgrade ASDF from 2.017 to 2.26 on CMUCL 20c,
we observed a bug that we believe is due to how CMUCL compiles defclass.

CMUCL fails on the defmethod shared-initialize :after, because, says it,
operation-forced-not is not a defined function.
Yet the function is defined two forms above as an accessor in defclass
and it doesn't error out when compiling the file from clean
rather than from a situation where a previous asdf was loaded.
Presumably, CMUCL fails to properly process the defclass
because it believes the defclass already happened.

Yet, and this is probably a second bug:
why should an undefined function in this case be an ERROR and not just
a style-warning?

If I fix this problem, then similar issues crop up with %system-source-file.
I issued a workaround in ASDF 2.26.5.

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