[cmucl-imp] Build failure on gcc-4.6 [resend with other user]

Peter Van Eynde pvaneynd at mailworks.org
Tue Jan 17 07:25:12 UTC 2012

Hello all,

If one uses gcc-4.6 to recompile cmucl then the test defined in:

src/lisp/os-common.c: os_stack_grows_down

always returns 0, even on x86/Linux where the correct answer is 1. I'm
guessing that this is due to the added smarts in gcc-4.6.

This causes the resulting lisp binary to segfault on startup, see Debian
bug 483331.

I 'fixed' this by making the function always return 1 as I'm only
concerned about x86/Linux :).

After this major hurdle expect 20c in Debian soonish...

Best regards, Peter

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