[cmucl-help] Re: OpenPGP key 0xB4900DBC

Lasse Kliemann lasse-list-cmucl-help-2010 at mail.plastictree.net
Sun Mar 14 20:35:34 CET 2010

* Message by -Raymond Toy- from Sun 2010-03-14:

> > Now you know that I'm the only user that cares about signatures. :-)
> >   
> Well, if we didn't care, we wouldn't have signed them. :-)  But it's my
> fault for not copying my keys to another machine.

I meant only users, not developers. Of course you care. But these 
tarballs have been online for months and obviously I am the first 
user to notice that their signatures cannot be verified.

> What method did you use to compute the checksums?  I downloaded
> cmucl-src-20a.tar.bz2 and the md5 sum is
> e3e1daa3631d38ed3c3e7601d798aba1.

I use SHA1. The MD5 sum is the same as for the file I've got here.

> If you don't necessarily need the 20a release, could you try the 2010-03
> (or 02) snapshot?  I have master copies of those binaries.

Yes, I can try the snapshot. I did so yesterday night, but could 
also not download one of the keys used to sign them. Today it 
works. I've got the files (SHA1 again):

da85bd1b4390a913075c9213e6ac237b40496de1  cmucl-2010-03-sparcv9-solaris10.tar.bz2
3bdc7debb828b3bcf4639976e6de72ece85d6437  cmucl-2010-03-x86-linux.tar.bz2
71ee45f7ae248ec1aa9e387f1f9cf2ef7022719c  cmucl-src-2010-03.tar.bz2

They have good signatures made with keys

   1D48 9A97 8199 21A0 97EE  297D 2792 2352 6819 3BB2


   0EF5 0ED5 5514 BFF6 B72B  9DAC 06CE 3819 086C 750B

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