[cmucl-help] OpenPGP key 0xB4900DBC

Lasse Kliemann lasse-list-cmucl-help-2010 at mail.plastictree.net
Sun Mar 14 12:20:30 CET 2010

* Message by -Raymond Toy- from Sat 2010-03-13:
> On 3/13/10 9:17 PM, Lasse Kliemann wrote:
> > Can someone please point me to OpenPGP key 0xB4900DBC? 
> >
> > It was used to sign the 20a release, but I haven't found it 
> > anywhere. It seems to be on no keyserver.
> >   
> Is this for the FreeBSD binaries?

It is (at least) for Linux and Solaris binaries and for the 
source code, i.e., these files:

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